Discover how we guarantee these results using Lessons and Insights learnt from spending over £1,000,000 on Ads 

Over £2M+ Generated In The Last 6 Months

These are just a few of our past client campaigns...

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Ad Spend: £16,486

New Purchases: 2,746

Sales: £195,850

ROI: £179,364

case study 4.png

Ad Spend: £2,646

Cost Per Lead: £4.86

Sales: £56,442

ROI: £53,796

Case Study 3.png

Ad Spend: $568,632

Cost Per Sale: $29.66

Sales: $978,301

ROI: £409,669

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.39.24.png

Ad Spend: €11,603

Cost Per Result: €692.66

Sales: €48,616

ROI: €37,014

Our Sales Funnels

We'll set up your campaign and fully-automate a sales funnel similar to the below


  • Unbounce

  • Active Campaign

  • ManyChat

  • Leadshook

  • Twillio

  • DataSoap

  • API's

Onboarding Process: 7-14 Days

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.42.04.png


  • Unbounce

  • Adobe Premier

  • Active Campaign

  • ManyChat

  • Leadshook

  • Twillio

  • DataSoap

  • API's

Onboarding Process: 7-21 Days

We know how important it is to remain cashflow positive, therefore if we believe we can add value based on your current business, industry, set up and offerings, We will do our best to guarantee a 2-3X increase in revenue, by implementing the above for your business, or E-commerce company.

Lets Chat to see if we’re a good match.


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Christopher Njau

Dominic Hay


It took over 2 years of experimentation, failures, disabled ad accounts for no reason, micro heart attacks when performance drops 23084923% overnight, spending 70k+ on hiring and firing marketers who couldn’t deliver, investing over 20k into coaches and testing pretty much every marketing strategy that ever existed.



We’ve discovered that there’s no single Magic marketing strategy.



We are continually in the Test phase and never stay stagnant. Things change, platforms evolve. Change is awesome. We adapt to change.



We always look at the whole funnel ROI and don't get fixated on costs of acquisition until we understand how it works as a whole.



Results Based FB & Instagram Ads Agency

*Note: We only aim to work with a select few businesses at a time.

Meaning our first goal is to discover the longterm value we can provide for you.



Emmanuel, MD, 48Hr Loans

GoSocial has been a very effective system for me in a highly compositable professional services environment industry (second charge bridging loans).


It's really hard to find good leads for this industry and they have delivered exceptional ROI. Also, great service and good insights to make the most of what they offer. I rarely write reviews, but GoSocial deserves five stars.


Sharon, CEO Dafni

I am encouraged by the performance and the results of the  campaign by the Go Social team.

Thanks for going the extra mile by providing consultancy advisory services for our email marketing strategy  this resulted in an additional 50 sales per month. 

We appointed the Go Social Agency to provide strategic direction and  manage our Facebook and Google Ads because we knew our target audience for our brand, but had been unable to really tap into them and generate sales.

Since working for the team for a few months now,  we have seen really positive ROI from effective campaigns which have delivered a 450% increase in sales indicating that social media does work to increase sales when used correctly - Thank you Dom, Chris, Ade, Sarah and the rest of the team!


Sophie, Consultant, Eunisure

I enjoyed working with Go Social. Their ability to understand my business as well as help us understand how to manage the leads was very helpful. I highly recommend Chris,Dom and the rest of GoSocial for generating your leads.